Our Services

Fleet Sim Training Solutions staff provide consulting services regarding defence industry simulation technology, products and trends. The company is also capable of performing a Training Needs Analysis of Naval Warfare Collective Training requirements, that may be achieved via distributed simulation. Further, it can conduct operational evaluations of new systems and technologies.

Fleet Sim Training Solutions provides services in the management, accreditation, operation and maintenance of client-owned distributed military simulation systems involved in the delivery of Maritime and Joint Warfare training.

Fleet Sim Training Solutions delivers training in the operation of simulation systems for exercise support staff and instruction in general distributed simulation theory and requirements for clients.


Simulation is a rapidly growing industry which continues to evolve as technology improves. Within the military community, it is recognized that there are distinct advantages to conducting Collective Warfare Training and Mission Rehearsal through the use of synthetic environments, where operational mission simulators are interlinked in a common environment.

Coalition partners are now tending to conduct Joint synthetic training events, using dispersed country-wide systems, across multiple warfare domains in order to develop interoperability before moving to live events.

Fleet Sim Training Solutions can provide advice on the multitude of synthetic training systems available, as well as emerging technologies and how they can be leveraged to achieve a truly comprehensive and immersive warfare training environment.

Management & Operation

Fleet Sim Training Solutions specializes in the operation and maintenance of client-owned distributed simulation systems. We can assist in the technical investigation and engineering integration of new systems and provide guidance to operational stakeholders on the technical requirements. Further, we are able to provide operational requirements and security policies to technical stakeholders.

Our staff have extensive experience in classified network design and configuration, including the production of SA & A documents in the coordination of Physical and Technical Compliance Inspections with DND.

Our staff are able to support Collective Training events by fulfilling numerous roles (Exercise Direction, Exercise Control) for game scenarios, as well as additional roles to include: Red/White Force control, constructive Blue Force control, Force Track Co-ordination, Screen Commander, Warfare Commander and Maritime Component Commander.

SA&A Consulting

Fleet Sim Training Solutions can provide SECRET-cleared Subject Matter Experts in the new Government Security Assessment and Accreditation (SA&A) process. Our consultants can assist in the creation and/or organization of all necessary supporting documentation for the security process of an IT system and can populate the classified SA&A database to reference all necessary security Control Measures, as laid out in the System Tailored Profile.

Our consultants can provide efficient and effective support to organizations who do not have the human resources or the expertise to undertake this extensive documentation process, one that is required for the accreditation of any military classified IT system, or any privately owned IT system that needs to connect or process information of common interest.

We can also assist in briefing the SA&A processes to all stakeholders and produce risk registries to summarize findings for the Operational and Technical Authorities.

Management of Classified System Installations

Fleet Sim Training Solutions offers management services for the extensive process of installing new classified IM/IT systems in DND facilities. We do this by facilitating the co-ordination efforts of the numerous DND Security and Base support organizations, assisting in the drafting of required accreditation paperwork, tracking key milestones and providing advice to key stakeholders. The complicated process of moving from a Request For Change to Approval To Operate (Classified) for a IM system can result in significant delays if not carefully managed.

Our staff have extensive experience in the design of RDS systems for red data and A/V services, in the drafting of SA&A documents and in the co-ordination of Physical and Technical Compliance Inspections.

Further, we can provide personnel with SECRET clearances who are capable of installing information system networks, including installing red conduit systems and pulling/terminating data cable.

Training Needs Analysis & System Evaluation

Fleet Sim Training Solutions can conduct Training Needs Analyses either for individual client, or Collective Training requirements and provide options analysis for current commercial and military simulation systems that meet client needs.

We can also conduct an evaluation of new simulation systems, conducting investigations into Collective Training capability, technical compatibility with existing systems and support requirements.

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